The skateboarder Christian Flores spent two years and realized more than 2000 tries before landing this huge trick, a laser flip on a triples sets of stairs. He took 20 sessions (about 10 per year) with more than 100 tries by session, what makes more than 2000 attempts before realizing this trick ! The laser flip is a very complicated trick cause you got to make your skate flip as usual (as in a kickflip) and backflip at the same time. It's very hard to make one on flat ground so over this big triple set... The skateboarder masters the art to fall and fortunately for him because he wears no protection. But it did not prevent him from making two stays to the hospital. Small anecdote, Christian Flores vomited McDonald's just before landing his trick for the first time (in 3:55 and 4:42).