The various stages of making SOAP from Nablus. Eirik Moe, a Norwegian, went into a SOAP factory in the city of Nablus in Palestine to film the different its famous olive oil based SOAP manufacturing. The SOAP manufacturing is done in 5 steps, cooking, shoplifting, cutting, drying and finally the packaging. During the stage of cooking that lasts 3 days, olive oil is mixed with soda and water. The dough is mixed on a regular basis. Once the cooking has been completed, a team of porters does carry upstairs mixture into buckets weighing about 50 kg. The mixture is poured on the ground where it dries for a day. It is then squared with a thread soaked in red paint and then marked with the stamp of the SOAP factory. Dried and hardened dough is cut and the obtained pieces are stacked to form towers called tananir. After 2 to 3 weeks, the dry SOAP is packed by hand in paper. Workers Pack between 500 and 1000 soaps per hour.