This is insane how perfect and how long this wave is ! I've never seen something that perfect but unfortunately this video comes from Kelly Slater Wave Company so you can only watch Kelly Slater rides it in this video and we have no information about where is it or will it be open to the public... I would really like to ride a perfect wave like that and I bet lot of you want too but we have to wait until this dream comes true. If you want to be informed, the Facebook page is here and in the last status, they said they will explain what's their plan in the near future so we just have to wait a little bit more to know what will happen. I hope you are as excited as me 🙂 If this technology is sold we could see this type of human wave everywhere in the world in 3 or 4 years, this is so great ! I will ask to Santa Claus to bring one wave like this near Paris, please Santa, please 🙂