A Goat On A Cable

Description: A goat finds himself in a situation very unusual, in the region of Sikourio in Greece. After she climbed in a tree, the animal has horns stuck in an electric wire and slipped along the cable to find herself suspended several meters high without a solution. Men will help her by passing a rope […]

WTF Sunday #35

For this WTF Sunday we go again ? In Japan, and seriously guys you are weird but we love you... In this TV show they try to raise the skirt of a girl while running like in the Japanese manga ! A sprinter will run near of a girl with a skirt, then a man […]

WTF Sunday #34

For this WTF Sunday again I found for you one of deep misteries of the Internet : The jaw harp woman. I am not kidding this woman plays jaw the harp like a godess ! She can imitate a wolf too and singing in the same time. The result is weird, but this is kind […]

WTF bonus !

For this Sunday I have a second gift ! And this one is not a song like the others WTF... So let me try to explain what is that... It's a series of animations with very strange ideas, why they put three German militaries who ride a lizard ? Simply for working with different skins […]

WTF Sunday #33

I don't know for why or I can't explain, but a lot of a WTF Sunday are songs. And this one is absolutely amazing, you will ask a lot of questions after this very strange clip. Why this guy is so proud of his penis ? Why he loves sing about his very big phallus […]

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