Toilet paper machine 2.0

I love this guy, he is crazy and he always have WTF ideas ! Do you remember the first toilet paper machine he made ? This was great but this time, this is greater, he uses a chainsaw, yeah a fu*king chainsaw to cut toilet paper ! And as you can see, it works very […]

Air pump on steroids !

I love this kind of invention, humans can be so much creative when we need to be lazy. Ok, this is a little bit heavy to carry when you're on your bike but man, no sweat to inflate your flat tire. Isn't it so cool ? I want to buy one right now ! Please […]

This crazy rabbit is crazy

Always with a musical composition of his/her own, Cyriak proposes us a new WTF video staging a rabbit which walks quietly in a field. But as usual, the nightmarish multiplication of this adorable small animal is there ! This is going to be crazy as hell and the music is going crazy too. If you […]

WTF Sunday #37

Welcome back dear WTF Sunday ! Marlon Webb, Splack and Chauncey Stubbs (The Band Of The Bold) perform a strange dance, hopping, legs and arms spread through the streets of Los Angeles for this WTF clip on the song "Take On Me" of the pop music group Norwegian a-ha. Yes they look like crabs, and […]

WTF Sunday #36

In the Korean TV show Infinite Challenge, the American actor Jack Black has faced the challenge of blowing out a candle with a pantyhose on the head. A Korean will compete with him. With the pantyhose on the head, they have completely a distorted face ! At a moment the actor will even be compared […]

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