A cat gets revenge after being honked

A cat has settled on the hood of a car. The owner of the vehicle tries to make it go away by activating the wiper. But the cat doesn't move, so he honks. Finally the cat rises, to water the windshield of pee. Revenge!

He breaks the windshield of a BMW i8 with a bat

In New York, the yachtman Coby Persin immobilized his BMW i8 car in the middle of the traffic to do a photo shoot. Installed on the hood of his car with a friend, he posed in front of the embarrassing camera the motorists who showed their discontent by honking. A motorist stuck behind the BMW […]

This arrested woman is angry :)

A young woman in a bikini is under arrest after participating in a brawl at a party at a swimming pool in Moscow, Russia. Locked up in a police car, she tries to open a door to exit the vehicle, but a policeman stops him. The woman decides to take extreme measures smashing the windshield […]

Crow on a windshield wiper

A guy wanted to use his car but a crow is on the windshield wiper. The men are tried to afraid the bird but he did not move. The driver starts to drive thinking the crow will move but he stays on the windshield wiper. Then, the guy activates the windshield wiper but it is […]

A driver films a snake on his windshield

During a ride on the highway I-85 near Spartanburg (South Carolina, USA), the truck driver films a snake who is driving around the windshield. This unusual situation was a viral video on the web, on Facebook this video has 2M of views. Unfortunately the driver was fired because he filmed while he drove.

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