Landing of a plane with through wind (pilot view)

A Boeing 737 pilot film for a crosswind landing. Artur, a Polish pilot at Ryanair, asked a camera in the cockpit for filming during a landing in crosswinds. And we can see that it will not skimp with the handle! In a message on Facebook, he says he earned his pilot salary that day.

Racing bike vs gust of winds (South Africa)

Sunday, March 12, 2017 was scheduled for the 40th edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour in South Africa. But strong winds and gusts at more than 100 mph have forced organizers to cancel the event, for the safety of the participants. A wise decision when you see cyclists who are struggling to move forward […]

Kid vs Garbage !

On a beautiful sunny but windy day, a young boy moves a trash can on an alley on a street in the United States. Unfortunately, the trash is not very cooperative and, with the help of the wind, blows lids on the head of the child. Although determined not to give up, the boy still […]

A deer like the leaf blower

In a zoo, a maintenance worker directs a leaf blower in the direction of a deer that seems much appreciate the air thrown by the machine. The animal looked up frantically pulling the tongue to enjoy the air in his neck, and he asks for approaching his nose closer to the blower.

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