Born for action

Nedžad Kličić, too difficult to remember his name I prefer RAMBO ! This guy was crazy with this guns, he was arrested in 2010 when the bosnian police saw this video. Unfortunately he was kill in a bar in 2014 by three guys heavily armed.

Thor ?

This worker is too strong with his hammer, I hope that he works as much as he made tricks ! His name is Jimmy Brennan Pedro if you want to hire him in a circus 🙂

Crazy kung-fu

You don't believe me, this guy : Kacper Borowski has made knife nunchuku ! And he has a serious talent with it. Nope, no fall in this vidéo only great skills.

Cut glass easilly

Clever guys coming from eastern Europe, in this video you'll see with which speed they cuts the windows ! You always think they'll break the glass, but no, who needs robot for hard work ?

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