An amazing dunk

The Saturday 13th february 2016 the basketball player Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic, was on fire with his beautiful dunk at the Slam Dunk Contest of the NBA All-Star ! With only few steps, the american player jumped over the mascot of his team and passed his balloon under his legs before to finish […]

Fail of the day 3

This is just for you this is just a little fail in a short video. You can watch it again and again like a Vine. This guy wants to try a beautiful slide on the railing of the staircase, but he takes a lot of speed and he falls the face in first ! Don't […]

Who's the boss here ?

If you drive, I bet you know the number one rule on the road. The bus is always the boss, no matter what. And in this video the bus driver was upset by someone who clearly doesn't know the rule. I understand him, he is pissed of and he wants to show him who's the […]

Mashed potato

LOL ! Thank you Internet for these type of videos ! This guy is certainly a handyman, and when he wants to make a good mashed potato, he uses not like all of the others a potato masher. NOPE this guy sees the things in bigger he chooses to use an electric mixer for the […]

Win or fail ?

This is one of the most beautiful Fail who will become a win ! Have you ever play of this game ? This is called soccer, and you have to shoot with a ball in the cage and an other guy tries with his hands to stop the ball. In this video you'll see how […]

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