Funeral for a fish

Following the death of Enrique, his fish of 3 years, Joe Genco organized her funeral in the toilet bowl for a final farewell. A very moving moment.

Test prison WC with anything

A man is testing stainless steel toilet from American society Metcraft Industries to be installed in prisons. With a flush with a capacity of about 4 liters of water ejected with significant pressure, these toilets are able to swallow everything, golf balls, acorns, a huge piece of chocolate, gummy bears, tampons or 10 meters of […]


You think you saw all the WTF ad on Japanese TV right ? WRONG ! Here is a good example of what dutch can produce in the WTF. I don't really know what this ad means but here is one thing I'm sure, it's about toilet. And look where they stop the video to take […]

Fast toilet paper rolls out in a plane

A guy amuses himself to try an experience in the toilet of a plane. He rolls out a little a toilet paper in the toilet bowl and pulls the toilet flush. Very quickly, the roller empties itself because the suction is very powerful. Be careful to don't put the hand or other thing in the […]

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