The shade balls

You don't know what it is ? Yeah, don't worry, like everybody before watching this video 🙂 This ball are used in water tanks to block the sun's UV rays, limiting the process of evaporation and also keep away from birds and algae cap. In the video you'll see a truck pouring several thousands of […]

171 ducklings seeing water for the first time

Look at these ducklings, they're seeing water for the first time and they're very dubious about the first swim. Around, 1:04, one of them goes for a swim and a lot of them follow him in this small pool. How cute is that ? No, I know what you're actually thinking. Look at all this […]

Black water ?

Another weird idea from Canada, black water. The taste is the same as usual aka no taste 😉 The process to make it black is to infused the water with fulvic acid. What's the point of all that ? No idea...

New hydrophobic metal

This totally new surface which has no name for the moment is great. It's chemical free and absolutely hydrophobic as you can see it in this vid. It's made by femtosecond laser pulses which design some complex structure on the surface. Totally experimental for the moment but this will be used in many areas of […]

Fireworks under water and frozen lake

Some guy in Sweden wanted to know what's going to happen if a firework is launched under water. You'll say that's pretty common but in this video the firework is launched under a frozen lake. The result is pretty cool 🙂 Too bad it wasn't a bigger one... Maybe he could get some fishes in […]

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