Magic stickman

A stickman drawn with felt on parquet comes alive in a puddle of water. Indeed, when it is covered with a small amount of water, the ink detaches from the floor and the stickman comes to life as if by magic.

Perfect laminar flow

He created a perfect jet of water. One might think that the water is frozen or frozen, but no, there is indeed a flow of water except that it is perfect. This phenomenon is called laminar flow. The jets of water that we are used to see are turbulent, that is to say that the […]

Road rage and Instant karma for a bad driver

While driving in a street in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, a motorist was cut off by a car and expressed his discontent by honking several times. The driver then stopped by the roadside, then he got out of his car and seized a golf club in the back of the vehicle, obviously ready to fight […]

A girl makes a magic trick to her father

A girl wants to trap her father by doing a magic trick with a bottle of water and a room. She places the piece under the bottle and says she can put it back into the bottle hidden under a towel, the purpose being to throw water into her father's face as he looks at […]

A jump of 40 meters in a port

8Booth is back with a jump of 40 meters in the water of the port of Newport Beach, California. On the roof of a 7-storey building, professional stuntman 8Booth jumped into the harbor water a few centimeters of a wooden deck. The jump is at 1:08. During the first minute, we see the stairs up […]

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