A man faint during TV show

Last Thursday, the Telecinco Channel aired the third prime time of season 16 of "Supervivientes", the Spanish version of Koh-Lanta. During an apnea test, the model Eliad Cohen managed to stay for several minutes underwater but made an uneasiness by going up to the surface, provoking the fear of all his companions who hastened to […]

Without plastic water capsules

A team of chemists, engineers and consultants of London start-up Skipping Rocks Lab invented water capsules to replace the water in plastic bottles. Made from algae, the "Ooho!", natural and biodegradable membrane, encapsulates the drinking water or any other liquid. To consume water, simply to remove a thin film and place the big ball of […]

Jump fail in French TV show

Last Friday in the show "Survivor" broadcast on TF1 (France), Félicie candidate lived a moment of solitude during the test of the pottery, game that is to jump over the water to break small pots hung in the air. Highly motivated, the young woman is slim on the pontoon to try, in turn, to break […]

The hot water and cold water doesn't make the same sound

During his period of leave, the British YouTuber Tom Scott leaves the floor to five videographers for us present new exciting things. This time, it's Steve Mould, a television presenter and expert in the field of science, on the following topic: the hot water and cold water do not make the same noise when paid […]

A teenager on a cruise ship suspended over the water

A reckless teenager hangs over the water from a cruise ship. The scene took place on 19 November 2016 on the Carnival Liberty cruise ship off the coast of Texas. The young man went across the railing of the bridge and is is suspended over water in the Gulf of Mexico with no security while […]

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