A sea lion shoots a girl in the Water (Canada)

A sea lion catches a girl and pulls it into the water. Saturday, May 20, 2017 in Richmond, Canada, a group of tourists watched a sea lion not fierce in the harbour water. A girl approached the animal that seemed to want to play. But when the little girl sat on the edge of the […]

Camera at the bottom of a bucket of water (Texas)

John Wells, a former fashion photographer who left Manhattan to settle in Texas desert, placed a camera at the bottom of a bucket of water to film the animals that come to quench. The objective directed towards a beautiful blue sky accompanied by a relaxing music, one can see bees, birds, a rabbit, chickens, a […]

Woman VS Car Horn (Kiev)

A motorist honks a woman walking on the road. The scene took place in Kiev, Ukraine. A woman walked on the road and bothered a motorist. The driver warns him of his presence by honking. But the woman got scared and dropped into a puddle on the road.

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