A pedestrian causes a car accident

Russia, again and again this country where there are scenes of incredible life. In this video, a woman crosses the road but not checking if the way is empty before, of course she does not take pedestrian crossing. A truck driver avoided the pedestrian and hits a bus. The worst in all this is the […]

This truck can barely pass this road

Sometimes, the mountain roads are dug directly in the mountain and this one is. It's in France, in "Les gorges de la Bourne". This truck can barely pass this road and it's very impressive. The trucker has to be very precise. The truck is a Scania R620 6x4 full of wood.

No reverse ? No problem !

This guy has no reverse on his truck so he made some simple build to mak it possible to go reverse. How smart is that ? I bet his inspiration come from the moonwalk 🙂

That's gonna fall

In Indonesia, transporting straw like thugs ! But this is again a beautiful fail, don't worry everything is ok, even the guy who was at the top 😀

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