Tow truck takes a car in less than one minute !

At an airport in Turkey, a tow truck from car pound removes a badly parked car without driver in less than a minute. The truck is equipped with lifting forks that grab the car and deposited on the trailer in less time than it takes to tell it. An absence of few seconds is enough […]

Gentlemen Trucker

A trucker helps a woman who is broke down on a highway with her motorbike near of Chicago, Illinois. He parks his truck to protect the biker and gradually moves his imposing vehicle to allow the woman to join the side of the road with his bike safely. This guy is smart and very cool, […]

The Belaz 75710

The BelAZ 75710, the largest truck in the world rolls on a car. Result, the car is completely flattened, transformed into a pancake ! BelAZ is a Belorussian manufacturer of mining equipment. The BelAZ 75710 is the world's largest truck with a weight of 360 tonnes unladen (450 tons of loading capacity), a length of […]

How To Transport A Huge Blade

The society Vamdrup Special Transport assures the delicate transfer of a blade of 73,5 meters length for future offshore wind turbine Haliade 150 of the General Electric company on the test site of Osterild in Denmark. Vehicles specially fabricated for transport assure the crossing of the roundabouts like they show us in this video. This […]

Road Rage With A Truck

The scene happen at Istanbul in Turkey. After an altercation with motorists, a driver of a dump truck imagines a beautiful evasion to a chase on the road. I don't know what the truck driver did, but the men in the car seem very angry... On a highway the driver gonna brutally stop his truck, […]

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