A Comcast truck causes several accidents

A stubborn Comcast Xfinity employee caused several accidents because of his truck parked in the middle of a snowy road. On December 14, 2016 in Indianapolis, a car damaged a Comcast housing on the roadside. A technician moved with his truck to repair it. But he placed his truck in the middle of the snowy […]

A truck nuclear waste in a residential area

Wednesday, October 26, 2016, Robert Fullone, a resident of Buffalo, New York, filmed a huge convoy stopped in the street with a strange truck carrying 135,000 liters of LSA-II type of nuclear waste. The vehicles were blocked for a while because of a problem for maneuver. Radioactive materials should then be stored in one of […]

A truck driver creates a crash sending an SMS

On the morning of Tuesday, March 17, 2015, Razvan Rusu was driving his dump truck on the M1 motorway near London, England. While driving, he wanted to send an SMS and, staring at his phone, did not notice the slowdown on the road. The driver then caused a pile-up with three vehicles, a fourth narrowly […]

Is Volvo autopilot better than Tesla ?

In Norway, a man is testing the automatic pilot of a Volvo to compare to the Tesla one. Confidently, he leaves his car drive alone and taps on his smartphone without launching a single glance on the road... In fact, his Volvo is on the trailer of a tow truck 🙂

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