Motorcyclist bursts into flames !

Last Saturday in Nanchang, China, Chen was riding a motorcycle when he hit the fuel tank of a dump truck. During the collision, diesel fuel immediately ignited, turning the biker into a human torch. Fortunately, the truck driver and other truck drivers quickly intervened to rescue Chen and extinguish the flames that burneded his body. […]

A truck driver falls asleep

Last Saturday on a road near Voronezh, in Russia, a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and his heavyweight is deported dangerously on the left. By chance, all motorists who were driving in the opposite direction have managed to avoid the truck narrowly while it continued to cross the road before finishing in the […]

A truck ride with a car attached to his trailer

On Interstate 15 in California, the driver of a heavy weight continued to roll over 6 kilometers without realizing that a Nissan Maxima car was accidentally attached to one of its trailers. The driver of the sedan was great signs by the window to ask the driver to stop, but noticed nothing, and continued on […]

Train VS FedEx Truck

Last Saturday in North Salt Lake, Utah, a train is violently entered in collision with a FedEx truck at a level crossing. Fortunately, only the heavy weight trailer was hit by the locomotive. The two men sitting in the cab of the truck were only slightly injured. Note that barriers and crossing traffic lights did […]

Biker VS Pick-up and Truck !!!

In the afternoon of Wednesday, January 11, 2017 in São Paulo, Brazil, a surveillance camera filmed a violent accident with a young 18-year-old biker. The latter was driving on a small neighborhood road when he hit a pickup truck. The boy was then ejected as a rag doll, ending his gliding flight against the front […]

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