A moment of disappointment (DJ Troll)

When the DJs Mashd N Kutcher fun to troll their audience. During their concerts, the duo of DJs Australian Mashd N Kutcher fun doing regularly the false drops to troll their audience. They realized a small compilation what they have called "1 MINUTE OF TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT" (a minute of total disappointment).

A fish mind another fish

A goby is trolling an other goby who dug a small cave under a rock in an aquarium store Seaside Tropical Fish in Los Angeles, California. While the second is busy digging a hole by removing the sand with his mouth, the first seems to take pleasure in systematically sand back into the cave. The […]

The police of Dubai troll drivers

When Dubai police fun troller motorists. E311 Highway at the exit of Dubai, police (Ras Al Khaimah Police) has installed a sign cardboard in the shape of a police car on the side of the road to convince motorists to a radar control. They even added a beacon flashing so that the illusion is perfect.

Peter Ness, a name made to troll !

Peter Ness had fun trolling the dealers at online blackjack with his nickname P.Ness, pronounced "penis". Croupiers welcome it by its nickname and quickly realize, being more or less embarrassed, the word they have just said. This guy is really lucky to have such a troll name, I hope it's his real name.

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