David Blane makes impressive magic tricks

The magician David Blane was the guest of Jimmy Fallon in his show The Tonight Show. And he bluffed everyone with his last lap. David Blane started slowly by doing a few tricks of cards but no one expected his final (at 9:00). SPOILER: After drinking a large glass of water, the magician took a […]

Making light with a bulb in the ass

The Canadian magician Vincent C had a brilliant idea: to light by placing a lightbulb between his buttocks. After removing the object from a ceiling fan, he places it in his butt and asks a girl to press the wall switch corresponding to the bulb. This will light up like magic!

A Russian trick to use the Coca without foam

Russian youtuber D-Man SPACE proposes a technique to serve a glass of Coke without foam. SPOILER: The trick is to put a dose of whiskey in the glass before adding the Coca. It's normal in Russia ! I remember that alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

An orangutan mimics a magic trick

In Colchester Zoo in England, Raj orangutan tried to imitate the card trick that a magician had done it. Outside the enclosure behind the glass, the magician Matt G has managed to get a card inside by passing through the glass. The monkey then tried to reproduce the tower by placing the card also against […]

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