Incredible push-ups

A man demonstrated us to his incredible strength by doing push-ups. It begins in classic way with both hands, then a little complicated the case using only one hand... SPOILER: The man manages to do push-ups without hands! A trick achieved using a Board and an accomplice off-camera who is involved in making the rocking […]

A street magician forced to reveal the secret of his trick !

In the street, a magician plays Weightlifters by wearing a man cut in two. In the right hand, he holds the top of the body and in the left hand legs. But something unexpected is going to oblige the magician to reveal his secret. SPOILER: A firecracker will burst and scare the two men. We […]

Tip for putting a band-aid on a finger

'5-Minute Crafts' YouTube channel we offers a tip to correctly place a band-aid on a finger so that it is more comfortable and has a better grip. Simply cut the two ends of the dressing in the sense of the length so that it better the shape of the finger, including when the wound is […]

Trick of the hidden ball in Lacrosse

Yesterday at the United States, the Johns Hopkins lacrosse team scored a malicious goal against the Navy by fooling the vigilance of his opponent. While the score was 7-7 in the 3rd quarter, the Johns Hopkins midfielder, Joel Tinney, headed teammate John Crawley to pass him. This is at least what we thought players from […]

A girl makes a magic trick to her father

A girl wants to trap her father by doing a magic trick with a bottle of water and a room. She places the piece under the bottle and says she can put it back into the bottle hidden under a towel, the purpose being to throw water into her father's face as he looks at […]

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