Teleportation of coins !

During the America's Got Talent 2017 show, the magician will Tsai impressed the judges with his number. The 33-year-old magician began his turn with a rose from which he snatches some petals. He then put four pieces of a card on the four corners of a rug. He then managed to teleport the coins from […]

A technique for mounting mortar on a roof (China)

Chinese workers have a technique to mount mortar on a roof without getting too tired. In China, workers build a house and have to mount mortar on a roof. Rather than getting tired of going up and down the ladder, they will catapult the mortar. A person is responsible for putting the material in the […]

A technique to remove blackheads on the nose

In front of the camera, a man presses his nose to get the blackheads out. By squeezing his nose strong with his fingers, he can get everything out, covering his nose with white "pus" filaments. He had the pores well filled! The man says in the video that these are blackheads, but it could be […]

Magic trick with his fingers

The magician Vincent has embarked on a challenge: To turn magic every day for 100 days. On the 84th day, he had fun unpacking and limping his fingers to his hands. All videos are available on his Facebook @magicianstranger

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