Draw yellow lines on a parking lot

A man manages a line tracer. In a Texas car park, a professional shows us how he traces yellow lines using a Linelazer IV 3900 tracing device. With precision and speed, it marks the ground by making perfectly straight lines.

Overtaken by a tractor on the highway !!!

While it runs at almost 90 mph on a motorway in Germany in the area of farm bordered, a Polish truck driver was surprised to see tumble a tractor in his rearview mirror. The tractor that driving a trailer passed him at 100 mph.

Cut wood using a tractor

In Poland, men made an astonishing machine to easily cut small logs of wood. A clever blade resembling a bell saw keeps turning while being connected to the engine of a tractor and the men have only to slide the long pieces of wood on a metal structure to quickly obtain a multitude of Logs.

Balance at its finest

This guy's got talent ! He made a long way around his sport hall without touching the floor and balancing on tons of sport equipments. I don't know if this is really useful but you can use it in some occasions. Like in Indiana Jones movie, if you want to jump from one crocodile to […]

Rally pilot vs farm tractor

Yeah, this title is a little bit a lie but this is almost the truth. Thierry Neuville, a rally pilot was doing some tests in the German country when suddenly a farm tractor cross the road. You'll see that your brakes are really not the same. He just missed a big disaster.

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