Clouds in the Grand Canyon (timelapse)

Videographer Harun Mehmedinovic made a timelapse with waves of clouds in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, when this was the scene of a rare phenomenon called "reversal layer." This event occurs when cold air is trapped under warm air in the centre of the canyon. Condensation and moisture then form a "sea" of clouds with almost […]

Cell division of a Frog egg (Timelapse)

Spectacular cell division of an egg frog (Rana temporaria) filmed over a period of 33 hours and presented through a timelapse of 23 seconds. About 3 hours after the sperm penetration, 2 plans of the divisions share the egg into 4 cells, then divisions quickly turns until you reach nearly 4 million cells. A few […]

Google Maps: Hyperlapse around the world

On the occasion of the 12th anniversary of Google Maps, on February 8, the Italian designer Matteo Archondis made a hyperlapse with pictures of famous online mapping service. He offers us a virtual trip around the world, from Rome to Kyoto, passing through Venice, Paris, Rio and New York. Matteo Archondis dedicated two days to […]

Beautiful cloud timelapse

American photographer Mike Olbinski realized a magnificent timelapse with cloud formations during thunderstorms and other storms filmed in recent years across the United States. Often using color timelapses, Mike Olbinski favored black and white this time to better see the textures, movement and emotion of a storm. A particularly captivating video. Music: Tony Anderson "The […]

Light pollution effect on sky observation

Mostly shot in California, this timelapse shows us the impact of light pollution on astrophotography and the view of the stars at night. We note as well that the sky becomes progressively more beautiful, starry and easily observable as the night luminance levels drop. This video was made by Sriram Murali. Music: David A. Molina […]

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