Morning coffee in Norway

This guy has clearly a strange way to take his morning coffee but this is really classy 😉 I don't know if every Norwegians are doing the same but it should be cool to see them do it. Imagine, you wake up, you make your coffee and you go outside meet you neighbors already sliding […]

Little girl in Corvette : Thug life !

This little girl is such a thug ! She already made other videos of that kind but this one is totally cool. She has to spend a lot of time drifting with her small plastic car to master it like that at that age... The father should be proud of this one but I wonder […]

Hey ladies !

Oh ! This video made me laugh for this magic moment of karma bitch, this little kid plays with his ball of basketball, Say hi to the girls like the coolest guy of the neighborhood. But the women have their own character, and this young guy has to learn more about them 🙂 I have […]

thug cat fighting

Oh my gosh ! This is him again ! Look all of his tattoos ! Wait nope this is juste his coat... But this epic fight is real, the cop cat, tries to stop the gangsta, he was probably in the direction of his next criminal offense. But you can't stop Thug cat, he learned […]

Thug cat

This cat is thug, and you don't have to bother him like that. If you do, you'll pay the price, with your life... The thug cat is more than a theory,it is a world conspiracy. Every day I see on the internet how the cats become thugs, how the cats rule internet, how the cat […]

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