A Colombian thief stopped

A thief stopped net during a car chase with the police. Bogota in Colombia, police made several arrests targeting members of the gang "The Pluma". During an arrest, the police have received unexpected and welcome assistance. Seeing the police, the suspect immediately took off running, but he was stopped by the door of a truck.

Workers vs. thief (Texas)

Dallas in Texas, the surveillance of a particular camera filmed a chase between a thief and workers. A man in a red car stopped next to a construction site to steal a screwdriver, but he got caught red-handed by 4 workers who engaged in pursuit. One of them managed to climb on the hood of […]

A thief trapped by doors of a bus

Last weekend in Bogotá, in Colombia, a company SITP bus driver trapped a thief with the doors of the vehicle. The individual came to assault the passengers on the bus and was getting out of the vehicle when the driver caught him by closing the doors on him. The thief got so blocked with his […]

A 84 year old man stops a thief !

In Apumanque mall in Las Conde in Chile, a 84 year old man arrested a jewel thief making him tripped. Raul Munoz was walking with his wife in the mall when he saw a thief flee. The man did not hesitate to put his leg across to stop it. "I heard the alarms ringing and […]

Hero Of The Day

Thursday, April 28, 2016, while he circulates with his motorcycle at Kiev, in Ukraine, the biker is witnesses of a snatching. He immediately descended from his bike and pursued the thief across the road and successfully he recovers the bag stolen from a woman, abandoned by the robber during the pursuit. The motorcyclist then gives […]

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