Crazy Calculator

What happens when we make a division by zero on a mechanical calculator? When we do the test on a conventional calculator, we have an error message but on a mechanical calculator it is different. On the video, a person have fun to divide 1 by 0 on a ESA-01 Facit. The machine will pack […]


The holoportation is a new technology of "Microsoft Development" for a virtual teleportation of a person in 3D. Through this technology which combines HoloLens, you feel the person physically in the same room as you then that he will be several thousand kilometers. How it works ?The holoportation creates a 3D model of the person […]

Vintage Walkman VS kids

Two young boys use a walkman with tapes for the first time in their life and they have a problem: how to introduce a tape in the walkman? One by one they try to put the tape into the cassette player, the mum films the scene and doesn't help her two kids. After a moment […]

Rust problem ?

A laser machine is used for remove a rust layer on an iron object. The beam laser will transform himself into a thermal energy when he enters in contact with the layer rust and delete it. The metallic area has a more elevated factor of reflexion than the rust and she will not be impacted […]

Samsung was always here

This ad is really good, the realization and the global idea is ingenious for present since the beginning all of the products of Samsung in cell phones. With this video we understand how much this mark was present since the beginning of this technology. For older like me you will recognize a lot of phones […]

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