Danger Of The Virtual Reality

The streamer Bourrinator invited a friend to come and test his virtual reality mask HTC Vive. His friend will try to kill some zombies in the game The Brookhaven Experiment. He will give big punches in the void to try to hit zombies, but instead, he will give a great blow to Bourrinator back. Now […]

Original Bike

The Dutch inventor Bruin Bergmeester has developed the "Lopifit" a mix between a scooter, a bike and a treadmill. Walking on it, you press a dynamo that powers an electric motor positioned at the rear wheel. Where you charge the battery this provides a range between 30 and 40 km. The Lopifit allows to travel […]

Holograms With A Smartphone

The youtubeur Mrwhosetheboss offers us a tutorial to create holograms with a smartphone. He assembles pieces of transparent plastic previously cut in a CD case, then places the object on the screen of a smartphone that broadcasts a special video with 4 identical animations. The reflections of these patterns on the 4 sides of the […]

Crazy Man !

After several weeks of work on the production of a hoverbike, the Youtubeur and mad inventor Colin Furze is demonstrating his Hoverbike homemade. This machine is composed of two large propellers powered by two engines, and even has a bouquet of fireworks and blue neon. After several attempts and some modifications, the flight is a […]

Grapnel Of Batman !

In the last episode of the series: Make It Real, the Canadian YouTuber James Hobson aka The Hacksmith built a true grapnel like this one of Batman ! In this video you see the guy hang himself at a wooden beam or go down from a floor like a boss. Not very useful but so […]

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