The Future Of The Car !

After two years of development, the company The Mill, in collaboration with JemFX, Performance Film Works and Keslow Camera, presents "Blackbird", a car controllable with a customizable structure that can virtually take the form of any car model for film shoots or commercials. Using multiple cars for a shoot can be very expensive, especially when […]


The youtuber Mark Rober Manufactured the Largest Nerf gun able to throws firing projectiles. He used as a model the gun Nerf Maverick REV-6 with a 6 shot barrel. For His project, He Was assisted by two other youtubers Ryan and David from the YouTube channel electrical Engineering. They used a bottle of paintball compressed […]

Virtual Reality In The Future

We are in a strange times when the physical and virtual realities are increasingly intertwined, "Hyper-Reality" tries to explore this exciting path, but dangerous, and present us a suffocating and kaleidoscopic vision of the future, where the physical and virtual realities merged, and the streets are saturated with information. This short film, directed by Keiichi […]

My Flow

"My Flow" is an invention of a startup founded by students of the University of Berkeley, in the United States. This is a connected tampon that alerts her user of her filling rate via a smartphone application. The My Flow pad has a wire fifty centimeters containing an integrated sensor. Thereof is connected to a […]

Why The Snow Is Bad In Videos.

You've probably noticed, when it snows or when there confetti in a compressed digital video (YouTube, TNT, ...), quality becomes poorest. The youtuber Tom Scott explains why. Everything is a compression history and bit-rate. A video is compressed with a certain bit-rate, which indicates the amount of information that it sends per second. More high […]

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