A teacher wakes up a student

During class, Mr. Balland, a Professor of geography and history, has a special technique to wake up a schoolgirl who fell asleep on the table. He comes silently with the mouth wide open, then he bites the duvet of the young girl and shot to lift her head. A somewhat surprising awakening!

A math teacher made an April fool (2017)

On April 1, Matthew Weathers, a Professor of mathematics at the Biola University in La Mirada, California, made a joke to his students with images of a video projector. He 'accidentally' draws a line to the marker on the projection screen and asks for help to another teacher (it is actually him) on a YouTube […]

Surprise party for the birthday of a teacher

Students have organized a little surprise for the birthday of a professor. The scene took place in a school in the city of Escondido in California. A small group of students, with the complicity of two teachers, wanted to do a little surprise to their teacher, Mr Endermann. The students broke into the classroom where […]

A teacher makes handshakes with students

At beginning of each course, Barry White Jr., a Professor of English at school, Ashley Park PreK-8 of Charlotte, North Carolina, made checks customized to each of her students of 5th year at time of return to class. Each check is different, using movements inspired by the personality of the student. Initially, Professor Barry White […]

A hedge of honor for a teacher's retirement

700 schoolgirls make a hedge of honor for the retirement of a teacher. On Friday, December 16, 2016, Alain Donnat, an EPS professor for 38 years at the Paul-Fort college in Is-sur-Tille (Côte d'Or), retired. The 700 pupils made him a hedge of honor and acclaimed him at the time of his departure. A very […]

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