Cross a swimming pool on a wooden strip

At Port Macquarie in Australia, a carpenter promised $100 to his apprentice if he managed to cross the pool on a wooden strip. The man has risen to the challenge, but without success. At half the route, the strip has rotated to lose the balance. He fell, took the strip between his legs. The wood […]

A man defends himself against a girl

Quietly seated on a swing, a rather imposing man must defend himself against a girl who physically assaults him during a Russian reality show broadcast on the TV channel THT ... SPOILER: The man catches The girl and throws her into a pool. Always angry, and completely wet, the candidate returns to the charge, but […]

A little boy looking for his swimming goggles

At the pool, Aidan a little boy does not find his glasses again to go under water. He was so focused on swimming that he had forgotten that they were on his head. He went to see his mother to help her find them. His mom amused by the situation asks him to touch his […]

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