Surfer depuis un ponton flottant

Alors là les gars on part sur la meilleure idée du monde en matière de surf ! Les mecs ont un ponton flottant super souple qu'ils balancent au pic et il ne reste plus qu'à courir dessus pour s'élancer avec sa board sur la vague. C'est tout con mais il fallait y penser. Et j'imagine […]

Surfing the stairs on his drunken friend

He surfs his drunken friend on the stairs. During a student evening well watered in Illinois, a man used his buddy stuffed like a surfboard. He rushed down the steps of the staircase standing on his palm lying on his stomach. The alarm clock had to be difficult for some.

Skimboard + drone = dronesurfing !

This man invented a new sport, dronesurfing. He is doing skimboard pulled by a drone Freefly ALTA 8. The drone has 8 engines and propellers 8 for a total power of 7.6kW max ( 950W per motor ) . It costs only $17,000 😉 Not an expensive sport...

Surfing With A Motocross !

Dressed with a combination of FMX, the Australian rider Robbie "Maddo" Maddison, 34, surf with a motocross on surf break Teahupoo in Tahiti, French Polynesia. Two years were needed to develop this bike capable of staying on water with two skis and a propel paddle tire usually used to ride on the sand. Can you […]

The best artificial wave in the world

This is insane how perfect and how long this wave is ! I've never seen something that perfect but unfortunately this video comes from Kelly Slater Wave Company so you can only watch Kelly Slater rides it in this video and we have no information about where is it or will it be open to […]

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