WTF Sunday #27

This is a cute WTF Sunday, can you imagine one second ? This guy took to much drugs really too much... He is on the beach in Santa Monica in the morning, so I guess he danced all the night, and he can say thanks to the MDMA ! Watch his back attentively, you will […]

WTF Sunday #26

This WTF sunday talks about this amazing dark side of Youtube : the youtube p*op called YTP. An anonymous crowd of youtubers start to mount some strange videos like this. I don't know the reason, and why they pass a lot of time on this type of projects, but when I'm with a hangover the […]

WTF Sunday #25

This WTF Sunday is like a classic, you have songs, jump cuts, and this south Korea pharmacist who makes some strange dances. I am not sure about my feelings, I don't know if I want to kill this guy now, or if I want to watch this video... This is Sunday and I don't want […]

WTF Sunday #24

All of the Internet has talked about the movie " Back to the future " this week because the 21 October 2015 was the date where Marty and Doc are went into the future. So I don't want to hear one words about this event. This WTF Sunday present the future of the music, and […]

WTF Sunday #23

Ok this What the f*ck Sunday is not a song again, but his one of the weirdest things I have found on the Internet. This guy Markiplier has a youtube channel based on the games, but sometimes he loves to do some mounting and the result is... Strange ? But this is very funny, laugh […]

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