WTF Sunday #32

Kid kazoo it's one of the most famous WTF on internet if you never seen him please do it here. Now you will understand how much this remix is epic an amazing ! Attention if you are epileptic don't watch this ! All of these image can kill you in one second, or this little […]

WTF Sunday #31

For this WTF Sunday we will be musical, strange like always BUT this time I found the music personally good. This is a clip for the track : " Meowpurrdy feat Lil Bub, Maceo, Delonte " animated by the exellent Cyriak. And this is just a huge hallucination, you will see cats moving, evolving and […]

WTF Sunday #30

For this WTF Sunday this is an art of the remixes ! They are all famous and viral videos, and a few anonymous on the Internet decided to remix them. And the result is so beautiful and hilarious you will see the fmous child ho cries so weirdly or the amazing baby peanut butter... Enjoy […]

WTF Sunday #29

For this WTF Sunday we have a great come back, The ads from Old Spice they are my favorites ! In this video they decided to choose a tennis man... Who wants to succeed and practice more and more on a... whale ? Yep like always Old Spice surprised us with a really weird but […]

WTF Sunday #28

This is new for our friends the Germans to be on the WTF Sunday ! And they start really strong with this epic music/clip, I think they thought that was a good idea all of these sound effects, and these bavarian costumes ! But the hardest part obviously the actor play, and why they make […]

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