WTF Sunday #37

Welcome back dear WTF Sunday ! Marlon Webb, Splack and Chauncey Stubbs (The Band Of The Bold) perform a strange dance, hopping, legs and arms spread through the streets of Los Angeles for this WTF clip on the song "Take On Me" of the pop music group Norwegian a-ha. Yes they look like crabs, and […]

WTF Sunday #36

In the Korean TV show Infinite Challenge, the American actor Jack Black has faced the challenge of blowing out a candle with a pantyhose on the head. A Korean will compete with him. With the pantyhose on the head, they have completely a distorted face ! At a moment the actor will even be compared […]

Sunday Morning

Sitting in his living room, a man films a Sunday morning like the others with his dog and his cat. The man said he wanted to just watch the news on TV but his black Labrador Ellie Henry and his cat had other plans in mind... Calm and resigned, he films the scene of a […]

WTF Sunday #35

For this WTF Sunday we go again ? In Japan, and seriously guys you are weird but we love you... In this TV show they try to raise the skirt of a girl while running like in the Japanese manga ! A sprinter will run near of a girl with a skirt, then a man […]

WTF Sunday #34

For this WTF Sunday again I found for you one of deep misteries of the Internet : The jaw harp woman. I am not kidding this woman plays jaw the harp like a godess ! She can imitate a wolf too and singing in the same time. The result is weird, but this is kind […]

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