Explosion of a gas bottle in a metro station

In the morning of Thursday, December 22, 2016, the dashcam of a car filmed the impressive explosion of a gas bottle belonging to a welder during works in the covered entrance of the metro station Kolomenskaya in Moscow, in Russia. Four workers were injured, one seriously.

A man controls the subway

After several years of training and hard work, a man can stop and restart the subway by entering the train with his arms. An incredible physical strength worthy of a superhero! A Tart Movement sketch shot at the Frontenac metro station in Montreal, Canada.

Pole dance in the subway

In New York, men do the show with the bar of a subway car. On the song Step Back, three artists make pole dance on the bar and will enchain impressive figures before the travelers. Music: Shash'U - Step Back

A subway passes through a building

A monorail line passes through a building in Chongqing, a city located at the northern end of the Yunnan-Guizhou plateau in China. The building occupies a metro station in which the oars stop regularly. A peculiarity that is not uncommon in this gigantic agglomeration known as the "mountain city".

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