Two young rappers freestyle in the street

Yorday Martínez and Jhonxitho Acevedo are two young Colombian rappers very well known in their country. They can be seen here demonstrating their talents by performing a very lively rap freestyle in a pedestrian street in Cartagena in front of tourists delighted to witness such a performance.

Cross a street during the Boston marathon

The technique used by the organizers to allow pedestrians to cross Beacon Street during the Boston marathon, to the United States. The street is divided into two lanes. One of them is closed to marathon runners so that pedestrians can form a group of about 40 people in the middle of the street, then it […]

Harassed by a driver, a cyclist takes revenge

A cyclist takes revenge after she was harassed by the driver of a van. The scene filmed by a biker took on A5204 Street in London. The driver of a van approached a woman on a bike who waited at a red light. He began by asking his phone number which doesn't like the woman […]

The most beautiful Christmas street

The inhabitants of this street did not do things half for Christmas! Look at all these decorations, one takes full of their eyes. All the trees that border the road have been covered with garlands. This is Farms Rd Street in the city of Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.

A dog more careful than a pedestrian

In Russia, a dog is more careful than a pedestrian when crossing a road on a pedestrian crossing. While the woman crosses while the pedestrian traffic light is still red, the dog has the intelligence to wait for the light to go green to take the pedestrian passage safely.

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