Motocross rider threaten by an old man with a stick :-)

The French YouTuber and motorcycle rupture is expected to exit a path by a man armed with a stick. During a ride in a forest of Auvergne in the Enduro motorcycle, rupture fell nose to nose with a motorist. The latter had descended from his car and tried to block his way with his stick. […]

A dog found the perfect stick

A German shepherd found the perfect stick to play with but there is a problem: it is a branch and it is always attached to a tree. The dog jumps to catch the stick, remains hooked, shakes with all its strength, but the branch remains well attached to its tree.

An elephant invites a rhinoceros to play with a stick

In Kruger National Park, South Africa, an elephant grabs a stick with his trunk and puts it on his head in front of a rhinoceros. If this behavior suggests a desire to impress the rhinoceros, it is actually a simple invitation to play on the part of the elephant. Unfortunately, the rhinoceros is not in […]

Moving with a stick

Sometimes, humanity is really clever and sometimes not.. This video is more on the idiot side than brilliant side but you have to admit that this guy ha some skills cause it would not be easy to move like that for everyone. Maybe he would like to have a pogostick when he was a child […]

Road rage Taiwanese

In Taiwan, after a refusal of the priority to the right, a road rage will start between two men with scooters. One of them comes out a stick and threatens the other man, but he is not impressed and he cuts the stick in two parts by a back kick. Don't bother the brother of […]

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