The new Star Wars trailer

Usually we don't talk about movies here but this one is not a simple movie, you guess, I'm talking about Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Everybody is waiting for it and I hope you're waiting too. This is the new trailer, it came out yesterday and we have way more footage than the […]

Star Destroyer shattered at 1000 fps

The team of the youtube channel Wired built a Star Destroyer from Star Wars with Lego brick. Then they filmed the destruction of the ship with a camera able to film with 1000 fps. The result is impressive, The destruction was filmed by a moving camera on the railroad. They needed 16h of work to […]

Mathew watch the trailer

Lot of people (maybe you too) have watched this beautiful movie "Interstellar" and lot of people wait the new episode of Star wars.A guy "oskararnarson" has published this editing of interstellar and the trailer. The result is almost the perfection, god is you ?

R2-D2 fall in love

I love star wars, like a lot of people, i like his universe and a lot of ideas of George Lucas. In this video, you'll see a nice short film where R2-D2 falls in love, but even if he is a robot he can have his little heart broke. For the anecdote R2-D2 was the […]

Mash up Batman and Star wars

This idea is so cool... Can you imagine 2 sec a movie with Darth Vader and Batman ? This video is a preview of this idea and is funny ! Batman is coming to the Dark Star to save Superman, on the way he meets Darth Vader and the battle begin ! Guess who win...

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