Catch a big spider on the ceiling

With a bowl, a man trying to catch a big spider on the ceiling. Gently, he approaches the container of the arachnid to capture. But looking inside, he notices the spider disappeared! And turning the head, we can see that the spider is on his face! Horrible. SPOILER: It could be a fake (layout scene […]

Baby snake VS black widow !!!

In a workshop in Cobram, Australia, a Brown Snake baby was taken trapped in the Web of a black widow. While he fidgeted to try to break free, the spider approached gradually from him and injected his powerful venom by planting its hooks in the body of the small reptile, which died a few moments […]

Jumping spiders celebrate Christmas

Not only humans celebrate Christmas, jigsaw spiders Maratus Volans, also known as peacock spiders, are also part of the game! They prepare happily the gifts as well as the fir tree, not to mention the biscuits for Santa Claus. A montage made by Snake Buddies on a video of nuptial displays made by male spiders […]

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