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A footballer thanked his wife and his girlfriend

Elected 'man of the match', a footballer thanks his wife and his girlfriend during an interview. After a meeting of the South African Championship, Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Anas of the Free State Stars team was awarded "man of the match. During an interview with a reporter, the player still an emotional thanked God, his wife […]

Burglars caught red-handed

Three burglars trying to enter a property are caught red-handed. In the District of Orange Grove in Johannesburg South Africa, the homeowner shot three burglars trying to break into. Man drew the attention of three criminals scraping to the throat. Seeing that they were caught red-handed, the three men, who were trying to open the […]

Racing bike vs gust of winds (South Africa)

Sunday, March 12, 2017 was scheduled for the 40th edition of the Cape Town Cycle Tour in South Africa. But strong winds and gusts at more than 100 mph have forced organizers to cancel the event, for the safety of the participants. A wise decision when you see cyclists who are struggling to move forward […]

Mommy crawls out of the baby room

In South Africa, Caryn Morris has a technique very special, and a little scary, to get out of the House of her baby after have fallen asleep with the child. Quietly, she argued on the floor of the room crawling on the back to make the least possible noise. On Facebook, her husband Tyrone said, […]

Extraction of 68 baby pythons from a hole

In South Africa, a farmer has noticed the presence of dozens of python babies in a burrow. Fearing that the young reptiles would be killed by other farm workers, he appealed to snake-catcher Cor Viljoen. The latter and a colleague then extracted the python babies, a total of 68 small reptiles. The snakes were then […]

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