Goal from a goalkeeper

I don't know if you have already heard about this beautiful sport, the soccer. On you are a lot of readers from the Canada or the united states, and you don't watch this sport who is almost art. In this video you see an amateur match with an amazing goal from the goalkeeper, the […]

Scoring a Penalty

Givanildo Vieira de Souza is a professional soccer player he is born in Brazil but he plays for the club Zénith Saint-Pétersbourg in Russian, he is nicknamed Hulk because he is really strong. In this video he will show us one of these little tricks for scoring a penalty. He is in front of the […]

Win or fail ?

This is one of the most beautiful Fail who will become a win ! Have you ever play of this game ? This is called soccer, and you have to shoot with a ball in the cage and an other guy tries with his hands to stop the ball. In this video you'll see how […]

Soccer Actor

For this beautiful sport called soccer in America and football in Europe, you have to be very talented with your legs, to be athletic and... to be an Actor ! Yep in this sport if an adversary touches you, you have to fall and cry like a baby, this is a simulation of the pain. […]

Romanian coach

I played like a lot of kids in the world to this international sport : The soccer. And i never seen this scene before this video, often when the matches are with big issues you can see the pressure in the game. But in this match it is just only kids ! And this coach […]

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