A soccer player misses an easy goal

On Sunday, 20 November 2016, a football player missed an unavoidable goal during a 3rd division match between FK Turbina Vreoci and FK Lokomotiva Beograd. After recovering the ball in the legs of the opposing goalkeeper, Turbina was left alone, only a few tens of centimeters in front of a totally empty cage, but missed […]

FIFA 17 funny situations in real life

Footballers had fun reproduce true various funny situations that can be found in the video game FIFA 17, as a guardian of strange movements, a player without head or convulsing on the ground, a celebration of aim and release Dab many others. A compilation made by members of the YouTube F2Freestylers chain.

A goalkeeper throws the ball over the head of a ball collector

Sunday, October 30, 2016 during a D2 match between Royal Antwerp in Belgium and Tubize, the French goalkeeper Quentin Beunardeau threw the ball on the head of a collector. Beunardeau wanted to make his return to the six meters, but the ball collector refused to give him ball to save time for his team (Royal […]

Yellow card for a twerk !

During a football match in MLS between New England and Montreal, the player Kei Kamara twerké after scoring a goal and has taken a yellow card. In North America, the referees are instructed to punish this kind of celebration because dancing twerk is considered 'sexually suggestive, vulgar or revealing unsportsmanlike behavior. "

Triple parade of a goalkeeper

During a game of CFA2 the Vannes goalkeeper Jean-François Bedenik managed a triple parade. The action took place on a penalty. The ball first hit the post and then landed on the back of the goalkeeper. The ball was then hit twice in the head and twice saved by the goalkeeper (once with foot and […]

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