A snowboarder swept away in an avalanche

Equipped with a camera, snowboarder Tom Oye sat on the snowy slopes of Whistler, Canada, when he was caught by an avalanche. In just a few seconds, the man was carried over several hundred meters. Fortunately, he was able to escape unharmed thanks to his airbag backpack, offered for Christmas, which allowed him to stay […]

Man vs Carpets

A man fights a carpet in the snow by chaining the brushes and other wrestling. A thrilling duel! I hop he could win this terrible fight...

Drone in the Swiss Alps

The amateur videographer Gab707 wishes us a good 2017 year with spectacular images of the Swiss Alps filmed by a drone. On a beautiful snowy and sunny day, the small aircraft flew over some famous Swiss Alpine points, such as the Simplon pass or the summit of the Hübschhorn mountain. Music: Thomas Newman "Donna Lucia" […]

Woman VS Snowman

Instant Karma for a woman who destroys a snowman. On New Year's Eve in Hoşdere Street in Ankara, Turkey, a woman began to destroy a snowman for no apparent reason. But karma quickly caught up with him. After spilling the man on the floor, she jumped on feet but slipped on. Result, a nice faceplant […]

Santa snowboarding with a drone !

Santa Claus traded his sled for a drone this year. The youtubeur Casey Neistat went to the Santa Claus Village in Finland to snowboard towed by an overpowered drone. Disguised as Santa Claus, he enjoys hitting the slopes of the resort and winding up with his drone. The flying craft is so powerful that it […]

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