An Otter slides on the snow

In the national park of Yellowstone in the United States, a river otter fun to slide on the snow. The Otter, filmed by a tourist, short on snow and slides, either to save some strength, or because she just find it funny.

Sledge VS Tree = KO :-)

A man knocks out is for a sled downhill. Early February 2017 to Lake Tahoe to the United States, Larry did a sled downhill in front of his friends. But he badly negotiated a bend and violently bumped his head against a tree. He has been knocked out live. He stayed several seconds unconscious on […]

A train runs after a snow storm

In the Canadian Rockies of British Colombia, a freight train rolls after a snowstorm without worrying about the trees that fell on the railway. An activity that really fun the present railway workers in the locomotive.

Jump of his life in ski !

Last week, the American skier Devin Stratton was caught by a cliff and made an impressive drop of 30 metres by off-piste on the Mount Timpanogos in Utah. Fortunately, his fall was cushioned by the thick blanket of snow and he suffered no injury. Devin has similarly broke some equipment, including his helmet, and lost […]

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