Attacked by a snake in an Internet café !

A man attacked by a snake emerging from an Internet café. April 8, 2017, Wiset Chai Chan in Thailand, a man coming out an Internet café was surprised to see a snake (rat snake) jump on him. The panic customer struggled little academically, but he managed to Dodge his attack and mostly avoided being bitten.

Biker vs snake

Yesterday, a man riding motorcycle on a road near Lampang in Thailand, when he almost being bitten by a snake. The reptile was crossing the road and jumped in the direction of the rider when it came close to him. Seeing the snake, the man slowed and deflected the trajectory of his motorcycle while raising […]

A boa tried to eat a porcupine

In Brazil, a boa constrictor tried to eat a porcupine, but the rodent is not let and managed to repel his attacker with his dress full of Quills. The Snake is so covered with hundreds of spines on the body. It was definitely not a good idea.

A snake drinks in a bottle

A thirsty King cobra drinks from the bottle. In the village of Kaiga in the South of the India, a man came to a Royal cobra thirsty giving him water to the bottle. The South of the India is affected by the drought and this affects the local wildlife. The venomous snake of 3.6 meters […]

Baby snake VS black widow !!!

In a workshop in Cobram, Australia, a Brown Snake baby was taken trapped in the Web of a black widow. While he fidgeted to try to break free, the spider approached gradually from him and injected his powerful venom by planting its hooks in the body of the small reptile, which died a few moments […]

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