Un chien nage dans une piscine en slowmotion

C'est vraiment assez bizarre à regarder mais on se laisse prendre et on regarde la vidéo jusqu'au bout. Il s'agit d'un chien qui nage dans une piscine en slowmotion. Il a les poils tellement long que cela génère une forme assez curieuse. Il s'agit d'un dogue afghan.

Rifle ball VS Tears of Glass (Slowmotion)

Tears of glass have the characteristic of being very resistant to shocks, but they spray as soon as their point is broken. Destiny Sandlin of the YouTube Channel Smater Every Day wanted to see how tough the glass tear was by pulling it with a rifle bullet. The slow-motion scene at 150,000 fps allows us […]

Master Ken : 100 Hits in 1 Second

In this new video, the crazy martial arts teachers Master Ken gave us a demonstration hitting 100 shots on a student in just 1 second. Performance can then be appreciated in real time and in super slow motion. Chuck Norris need to watch out!

Selfie With Bruce Springsteen

Description: The reaction filmed in slow motion of a young fan when the singer Bruce Springsteen joins her from behind and hugged her for a selfie during a concert. The joy on his face this is just so funny to see all of the reactions of the others, you can see the jalousie or the […]

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