Collective fall because of an oil plate :)

A plate of oil drags pilots to the French GP of Moto3. Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the Grand Prix de France in Moto3, many riders fell in the turn of the chapel because of oil stains left on the runway. The impressive images show the pilots fall like flies. Following the incident, the red […]

Intense sommerrodelbahn (POV)

Equipped with a camera, the free rider British Sam Pilgrim made the summer toboggan run with friends on a track in Rotorua, New Zealand. Luge is able to go up to 58 mph in downhill, speed sensation magnified by the many turns and the fact that the driver sits close to the ground. Fun!

Dog slides on snow

Truckee, a 6 years old labrador, fun to slide on several tens of metres on a snowy track at Heavenly Valley, a ski resort near South Lake Tahoe, California. According to his master, the ski patrol Chris Child, this avalanche dog love playing in the snow and gliding voluntarily on the slopes from time to […]

An Otter slides on the snow

In the national park of Yellowstone in the United States, a river otter fun to slide on the snow. The Otter, filmed by a tourist, short on snow and slides, either to save some strength, or because she just find it funny.

Get in your car when the ground is icy

During the Christmas period in a residential neighborhood in Canada, a father helps his daughter Suzanne get into his car parked on an icy road in the family home. While she keeps slipping, Suzanne clings to her daddy as best he can to climb in his car after much effort. A perilous situation that made […]

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