A truck driver falls asleep

Last Saturday on a road near Voronezh, in Russia, a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and his heavyweight is deported dangerously on the left. By chance, all motorists who were driving in the opposite direction have managed to avoid the truck narrowly while it continued to cross the road before finishing in the […]

Sleeping his dog with a Christmas song

Peacefully installed on a sofa near a pretty tree sparkling with a thousand lights, Rachel Smith sleeps her young dog by singing her Christmas song "Christmas Time Is Here" from the American animated television movie "A Charlie Brown Christmas", aired for The first time in 1965.

Guy passed out on porch

This is the snapchat story a guy totally passed out on a couch on a porch. To be more precise, this is the snapchat story of a guy who found this passed out guy on his porch after a big party 🙂

A man laugh

This man has a hidden talent he can laugh even when he sleeps ! This is a really strange phenomena and this man repeats his ritual all the nights, so his wife decided to filming the scene. Honestly, when you see that seat in front of your computer this is just funny, but can you […]

A dog falls asleep standing up

This video is not extraordinary but sorry I like the dogs. 😀 Spanky is an English bulldog who has trouble to standing up and to stay awake. Unfortunately Spanky does not resist many times, he will literally fall of sleeper and to hit his head on the ground. This shock has awakened himself.

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