Cat sleigh

I really need to explain that ? Do you know what is a cat ? Do you know what is a sleigh ? Now start your brain, and read the title again, this is ok ? Now you will understand quickly, the woman is in ski, and he had a leash with her cat who […]


This invention is useless but funny ! This guy is french and he invented a ski combination, but not like what you think ! He put a lot of little skis everywhere and he can down a ski slope with all of parts of his body, you better to be good because if you fall […]

New way to film in 360°

Nicolas Vuignier, a 25 years old Swiss knows how to ski and how to film ski ! In this video he shows us how to film in 360° with a simple iphone and some strings. Ok, he doesn't really show us how to do now but only the result and it's amazing. You can see […]

Crazy skier

This video is totally in French cause as I already said I'm French so you're not going to understand what guys say unless you speak French too 😉 But you clearly don't need to to understand what's going on. These guys are speed flying, it means paragliding and skiing at the same time. Everything was […]

Freestyle on a ski jump

You know how I love freestyle and freeride ski so I have to share with you this wonderful video. Sammy Carlson is a great slop style skier and in this video you'll see him riding a huge ski jump built in 1970 and abandoned now. This is really crazy how speed and long the jumps […]

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